Reference: Summoning an Entity

The prerequisite for this, is a strong foundation in stilling the mind. If you don’t have a foundation in presence, mindfulness or meditation, then I first recommend you review this page:

At this point, you’ve put in time to still the mind. So now you have several directions you can go. Every mystical or magickal society has a specific way to do things. If you join a group, do things their way – unless you feel an aversion and then learn another way of doing it.

Some will tell you that you must have a consecrated circle or space. Some will require banishings (clearing the energy) before and after the ceremony… and yet others, such as shamans and mystics will do neither of those things – they will earnestly seek an audience with the being.

You can make the ceremony as complex as you like, but in the end, it’s all about your personality. The more complex things get, the more the ego may start to stir.

Native Americans held spiritual dialogue without the need of complexity. But you might require something to get over fear or uncertainty… so you may prefer to work with magickal wards and protections.

If you want to learn how to summon an entity with magick protections in place, here are a few modern books I’d recommend:

Summoning Spirits uses an approach that is a mix of Solomonic magick, along with the Golden Dawn operations to open the directions. Whereas Modern Magick avoids the older traditions in favor of more modern approaches.

I’ve had success with both the Golden Dawn systems as well as Konstantinos’ work. I’ve even had physical manifestations.

However, one can also use Wiccan, Witchcraft, Shamanism or a variety of other techniques to make contact with an entity. I won’t tread on these other paths, but will point the reader to them for reference.

I will however relay the simplest method of communication I’ve worked with. It involves Tattwa cards. Tattwa’s are symbols from India that represent different elemental forces or realms.

Before going forward, some will greatly object if I don’t mention a word on banishing. Most occult orders and groups will demand the adherents banish the space before and after a magick working (especially an evocation or invocation of an entity.)

To meet that requirement, I refer to a basics page on some useful banishing techniques:

However, I also know magickians who don’t banish at all. These types fall more into the mystical approach of seeking a deep bond with an entity. One of the best Enochian magickians I ever met never used a banishing practice as part of her work. She’s worked with Enochian beings for over 30 years, without a problem. It really comes down to how you feel.

Are you afraid of what you’re doing? If so, then you probably should banish. If you take this from the vantage point of working with a spiritual friend, then you probably can work without a banishing ritual.

Consider also the work of Abramelin the Mage – he didn’t employ banishings in his magick. Instead Abramelin used prayer (specific to his belief) to consecrate the space.

Shamans also do not rely on much banishing unless there is a specific requirement (such as removing a parasitic entity – a belief in Shamanism is the idea that some spirits can act as clingers and affect our health.) When working with their deities however, they work without spiritual banishing practices.

The choice is yours. Try both routes if you like. In my view, a person who holds a dagger or sword or other weapon of the art, to commune with a being, is like going to your local Rabi or Priest with a loaded gun in your hand… it’s as though you’re expecting the person to jump and assault you at any moment – such expectation will create such an outcome in the spirit world. A clear and calm mind, goes a long way.

Invoking Rituals of the Pentagram/Hexagram

While I did discuss Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram in another page of this site, I am not quite ready to outline this. This requires a lot more study and work.

I do mention it here as it is something for the reader to investigate, if this is their preferred methodology (Western Mystery occultism.)

Modern Magick (mentioned above) covers this, as would any ceremonial group like the Golden Dawn or Thelemic organizations.

Opening by Watchtower

Another method of opening a gateway or portal is via the ceremonial system called “Opening by Watchtower.” I have used this in a solitary fashion only a few times. It is the formula of Golden Dawn ceremonies, and I’ve seen its use frequently in that regards.

Again, do research on it, in case you are interested in this approach. I’ve linked it above.


From ancient days there was an approach to looking into bowls of water, or blackened mirrors… the dark reflection produces an inky landscape from which the ego loses itself.

Shapes will form from the darkness and voidness of it all.

Scrying tools do not need to be bought, one can make them easily themselves. A dark bowl filled with water, with a candle on either side in a dark room will work as a scrying surface.

Carefully painting the backside of a pane of glass (with matte black spray paint) will create a black mirror.

With scrying you are relying on intent and a clear mind (void of surface thoughts) as you stare into the darkness of the surface. Usually candles are set on either side of the mirror… enough light to illuminate the mirror but not getting the actual candle flame in the reflection.

At some point the aspirant will see the darkness of the surface deepen. Their intent will draw out a ghostly shifting shape. This may form into various things, or it might bring to mind various thoughts.

Crystals are often used for scrying as well. A crystal ball or wand can be used to as a scrying tool. The operator stares into the crystal with the intent of connecting with a spirit, angel, deity or energy – thoughts and images may appear in the operators mind or in the crystal itself.

A final form of scrying that is often not talked about, is the scrying of images, shapes and letters. For example, you could scry an Enochian letter, by holding it in your mind’s eye and imaging yourself entering it (as though it were a doorway.)


If you seek guidance from a random being of a specific energy, you can pull up a tattwa symbol. Tattwa’s are from the Hindu tradition and were appropriated into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s system.

One stares at the Tattwa they wish to project their mind, and then closes their eyes, visualizes the tattwa in the mental space and casts their conscious awareness into it.

This could be done by visualizing the tattwa symbol as a door, or on a door, and walking through it. Or it could be done as though the Tattwa symbol is moving towards you at great speed, passing through you and tossing your consciousness into the realm.

Once in, your mind should display a visual of the realm the tattwa represents. It might be Earthy, Watery, Fire based or air based.

If you call for a being or guide, ask it its name and ask it to write their name for you, to verify – there’s a belief that an entity may lie about their name but they must write their true sigil or name.

Calling & Prayer

Finally, one can be respectful and sit and wait upon an entity. You could employ any of the aforementioned processes to make contact, or you could call out to the entity.

A first attempt will probably not reveal the entity to you. But repeated attempts, especially if given an oath of agreement on your part to call upon them on a regular basis for a consecutive amount of days, will often result in a bond by the end of the operation.

Thirty day rituals are a favorite of mine. When I wanted to work with Auriel, I called upon the angel for 30 consecutive days using Golden Dawn invocation teachings.

When I wanted to work with Hecate/Hekate, I called upon her for 30 consecutive days, never failing to call out to her. In that case, I didn’t use any specific magick ceremony, instead I put my intention and my heart felt earnestness and compassion into the call. Then I sat and waited. Expecting nothing, I just entered into her space and sat in her energy. On the final day, she verified her presence.

Each and all techniques can work or not work for you. It’s really a unique expression of who you are, compared to the work itself.

Research invocations, evocations, and summonings. Find a path that feels right for you. Research these things from both a mystical point of view, as well as a magickal. The approaches are often quite different and equally effective.