Scrying the Steam

I have used scrying through bowls of water, candles, black mirrors but never steam. I read about steam and smoke recently about steam. Yesterday, while boiling some water in my kitchen I took the opportunity to look into the steam.

As the steam curled upon itself in billows, I just relaxed my gaze, held my intent and used a magickal trigger – the intent being to connect to Hekate.

Then, a shape formed. In the steam, I began to see a shape that appeared to not fit the billows… as though it was it’s own shape. It was the form of a figure… dark against the white grey of the steam.

“He is the watcher at the gates,” I heard Hekate explain. I had no idea what this meant. The figure asked my name… and I gave my magickal name.

I asked for his name, and I got a name… but the name was so ordinary I began to think my ego was getting involved. I let the whole process go and went on with my day.

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