Recommended Media

The following links are those in which I found great value. Some items are books, others are courses and some are organizations.

The categories are in alphabetical order (Magick, Meditation, Mysticism…)

Magick, Witchcraft & Occultism

  • Modern Magick” (book) by Donald Michael Kraig. This was the first book of magick I ever owned. I bought it when I was just a teenager in High School. Kraig’s approach is modern and very viable. He teaches how to make the tools of Heremtic magick, and covers ritual/ceremony from the Golden Dawn systems.
  • Golden Dawn (organization) – There are several Golden Dawn groups alive today. When I first started in 2006, I belonged to a group called The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, run by Robert Zink. I left do to personal issues with Robert and the management. However, the teaching materials and the Adepts that I worked with, were very valuable. Due to controversies and schisims I’m not sure what group to link to today. Do your research, but if you’re interested in a real school of magick that is Hermetic, joining a Golden Dawn tradition can really boost your abilities. Just watch out for controlling leadership.
  • Aurum Solis (organization) – This is a Hermetic order that is called Ogdoadic in nature – bringing in more Greek mysteries than the Golden Dawn does. Similar to the Golden Dawn, they do things differently (similar but very different.) So you won’t be able to mix and match with the Golden Dawn material. As far as I can tell they are based solely out of Canada. I was a member for a brief period of time and I read some of the founders books, which you can find on Amazon.
  • Works of Anousen Leonte (books) – I love his/her writings on magick. I own 5 of their ebooks and have found them incredible. The are short, but to the point and packed with knowledge.
  • Temple of the Silver Star (organization) – I was a member for a bit. They are based out of California. It is a Thelemic based initiatory order of Hermetic & Thelemic magick. While some may think the OTO is a magickal order – it is not. The OTO itself is a fraternal organization, but it doesn’t require students to learn magick teachings nor does it as a body carry out specific teachings (except as occasional classes.) Aleister Crowley set up a magick organization called the Astrum Argentum (A.’.A.’.) where a student learned magick not in a group setting but from a direct teacher. The Temple of the Silver Star is in service to the A.’.A.’. and offers a magick based order, similar in concept to the Golden Dawn – but with Thelemic current.
  • A.’.A.’. (organization) – Aleister Crowley created the Astrum Argentum as a way of teaching pure magick. While an organization, the A.’.A.’. does not meet as a group. The entire membership might be completely secret. The only person a student knows is their teacher (and any students they might mentor.) There is an A.’.A.’. lineage in California (from Phylis Seckler.) I was (and still am) a member of that group, although I’m not practicing the A.’.A.’. work, due to my nature not being fully integrated with Crowley’s worldview.
  • Summoning Spirits” (book) by Konstantinos. This work was so effective, that I had a physical manifestation doing the work. The work is a mix of the Golden Dawn Opening By Watchtower, and Solomonic summoning.
  • Athena’s Enochian Courses (course) The courses taught at I have found to be very useful. This is one of the first courses I took after I had left the Golden Dawn, and her teachings have forever changed the way I approach magick.
  • Works of Israel Regardie (books) Specifically his works on the Golden Dawn, Tree of Life and the Middle Pillar.
  • Works of Lon Milo DuQuette (books) – Personally I prefer is books on “The Book of the Thoth Tarot” and “Enochian Vision Magick” as well as his short magickal biography “My Life with Spirits.” I like Lon. He’s a great guy, he’ll even add you on Facebook. He also has a great life story regarding magick.
  • Treppnar Lenormand Course (course) – I can’t find Iris Treppnar’s Lenormand course online anymore (perhaps you can.) She wrote a book called “The Parlor of Sibyll” which deals with Lenormand divination, but the course was much more detailed. I highly recommend the course if you are interested in this alternative to the Tarot.
  • Works of Franz Bardon (books) I’ve linked to the full collection of Franz Bardon’s works. His style of magick is ceremonial and very detailed. It’s an alternative to the style of the Golden Dawn, and his first work “Initiation into Hermetics” is a workbook style approach – giving the reader the teachings which are done in a linear path.


  • Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle: Technically this isn’t meditation, but it is a form of presence that shuts down the noisy ego mind. Shutting down the ego is necessary in order to get quality data from communion with entities and visions.
  • Practice of Tranquility and Insight” by Thrangu Rinpoche. This work gets into the practices of direct insight via Shamata and Vipassana.
  • Open Door to Emptiness…” by Thrangu Rinpoche. This work covers the Buddhist concept of Emptiness – a requirement in my magickal path as it details the lack of self existence and hardness in our material world. This allows us to change the material world with intent and karma.
  • Essentials of Mahamudra…” by Thrangu Rinpoche. This is the study of the emptiness (lack of self-existence) of the mind. This allows one to move into deep states, towards self-realization.
  • Breath Sweeps Mind” (Audiobook) by Jakusho Kwon-roshi. One of my favorite Zen instructors. This audio is a collection of recordings of him discussing Zen and Meditation practices.
  • Samadhi” (movie/video) by Daniel Schmidt. A great take on meditation and his personal methodology of achieving deep states of mind. Samadhi is a professional quality documentary on the mind and mind states. Daniel Schmidt is a great teacher on Buddhist style meditation.
  • Guided Meditation” (audio) by Daniel Schmidt. Scroll down from the link, to the bottom of the page (under audios.) These are great audios that guide the user to a state of no-mind or no thought.
  • Training the Mind” by Trungpa Rinpoche. Possibly a student of Thrangu Rinpoche, Trungpa in this work discusses the nature of mind to his students.
  • The Path is the Goal” by Trungpa Rinpoche. I highly recommend the audiobook version.
  • Mindfulness in Action” by Trungpa Rinpoche. While it’s not a step by step on mindfulness, it does cover a lot of questions that come up related to the practice.
  • Mindfulness in Plain English” by Henepola Gunaratana.


  • Ananda (organization) – Founded by the late Swami Kriyananda, they are a split off organization from SRF. They follow the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Ananda has a great resource for online classes on their specific Hindu/Christian mystical approach. Swami Kryiananda’s books are available on Amazon.
  • Agape (organization) – Founded by Michael Bernard Beckwith, this spiritual group is a form of Religious Science, but not affiliated with the Church of Religious Science. They have a mega church in Los Angeles. Michael Bernard Beckwith is an accomplished author, and has been interviewed in a variety of radio and tv shows. You can find his books from this link on Amazon. His approach is more mystical and shamanic, with a lot of religious science of mind thrown in.
  • Kybalion (book) – A older work published anonymously via someone called “The Three Initiates.”
  • Works of Eckhart Tolle (books) – Specifically his Power of Now, is my go to for stepping into a state beyond mind. This state I use as often as possible for spiritual work.
  • Works of Stephan Hoeller (books) – Hoeller is an authority of Gnosticism. He ran an actual Gnostic church (not to be confused with the Thelemic form of Gnosticism – Hoeller worked with the traditional form of Gnosticism) in Los Angeles at one time (not sure if it still exists.) There are videos of him on Youtube, and you can find his books on Amazon.
  • Works of Sandra Ingerman (books and audio) – Ingerman is an author who writes about Shamanism from a hands on approach.