Reading: “Where Will Hekate Take Me?”

Having just received a new Tarot deck in the mail yesterday, I spent some time going through it. First thing I did with the deck is dedicate it or consecrate it with Hekate.

I called upon Hekate and asked for her blessing upon the cards. One thing she expressed to me is that the cards will be good at confirming data she provides.

First Reading

My first reading was to ask where my devotion towards Hekate will take me. After all, is it compatible with my future? Will my spiritual goals be met through Hekate? Such questions were the intent of the operation, summed as “Where will this work with Hekate take me?”

The work I’ve been doing with Hekate has been two-fold so far: 1) First I’ve been working on myself (attempting to conquer my fears, anger and desires/greed.) 2) I have a goal of working with her to find oneness with the Divine.

I did a six card layout. The top row is the Past, the middle row is the Present and the bottom row is the Future (summed in one card.)

I found it interesting that each section of time (past, present and future) including a card representing me (a King.)


The past was represented with the King of Swords, Eight of Wands (inverted) and the Seven of Pentacles (inverted.)

As a truth seeker, my past has been fueled with the goal of finding truth. I’m a person of logic and reason, but I’ve hit numerous frustrations with my spiritual goals not working out.

This is true, as I’ve been on a spiritual quest for many years. I’ve joined many spiritual groups, organizations and religions, only to leave them shortly after a year.

My goals have varied between practical spiritual work (making positive change in my life: from the mundane to inner growth) and the higher goal of self-realization (oneness with the Divine.)


The present came up with the Seven of Swords (inverted) and the King of Cups.

There’s some dishonesty here (me with myself.) I’m hiding something from myself about my emotional state or my goals. The deck book says something interesting: the fish in the background represents communion with the Divine… and that’s pretty close to my work with Hekate (finding a path to Oneness with the Divine.)

This idea of me being a good person for others, seeking communion with the Divine… it’s started with the tainted idea of dishonesty and being exposed.

After careful consideration, I think this might relate to the current work I’ve been doing with Hekate for the past 30 or more days. The work has been focused on my Fears, Angers and Desires (greed.) Each day I fail in fear, anger, or greed I bring it up with Hekate and cast those emotional states into her fires.

I believe that the cards might be pointing out my failure in doing the work. I’ve slipped up and perhaps I needed to see more clearly how I’m slipping up. The work should be making me less afraid & anxious… less driven by selfishness and less angry. But lately I’ve fallen down quite a bit.


The King of Wands is the Future result of the workings with Hekate.

The King of Wands represents the attributes of Leo… and as it turns out, I am a Leo (August birth.) The card represents creativity and passion, but more than all of that – self control. It is the control of all if it. It is the embodiment of what Hekate and I have been working on (my inner self-control.)

My present life is one in which I am anxious, worried, fearful… I fall to greed and sink into rage and anger. I’ve sought Hekate out as a means to control all of these actions of mine… and this is the future card saying, “it will all be under control.”


In other words, the cards are saying that my past has been fraught with frustration on the failures of my goals. Although my present goals are spot on, I’m still failing… But, the future result of the work with Hekate looks good – for the future with working with Hekate, shows me in control of all of it (my fears, angers and desires.)

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