Reading: Mother (2019)

This reading comes with a followup. To fully understand the reading, you should know a bit about the subject. My mother has been a very difficult person her whole life. She has been mean, needy and demanding. She’s one of those people who views themselves as the constant victim to everyone else. “It’s everyone’s fault that I’m having these problems.”


Over the past few months she lost the apartment where she was staying, due to a fire that burned down the entire town. Initially she had resigned any hope of salvaging her Grand Piano. This piano has been the bane of the family. It has prevented her from downsizing, as she demands large enough homes/apartments to house the piano. Now that it was gone, she was actually relaxed and ready to downsize. The family felt a sense of relief as well.

Then, a few weeks after the fire, she found out her facility did not burn to the ground. Her grand piano was fully intact and fine. She went into a fit of moving that piano to her new apartment, some 120 miles away! Her new husband refused to pay for the move as it would cost more money than they had… and she began her angry pleading with the family. I told her how I felt, that she needed to let go of that piano… but she was so intent on keeping it, she dismissed it – as she’s been doing my entire life.


Question Asked: “What will my mother’s life be like in 2019?”

9 of wands, King of Pentacles (inverted) and King of Swords (inverted)

The first row represents the past… I would call this the recent past. She feels herself recovering from a long battle, her finances are in question and she is incredibly frustrated with situations in her life.

That’s actually very spot on for her personality. After my father died in 2016, she married someone, whom she thought would provide for her… but as it turns out he didn’t have much income to provide for her… the lack of his income became a sore point in their relationship.

The Star, 5 of Swords (inverted)

The way I would interpret her present (as depicted with The Star and the 5 of Swords inverted) would be that she has decided to carry on with life as it is, and come to terms with it.

This was a bit of a shocker, because my mother has never done this. She’s never been willing to recognize her place in life… she can’t even give up her Grand Piano.

9 of Cups

The final card, representing her future in 2019 (and possibly beyond) was even more of a shocker. It says she becomes content with what she has. It’s not that she has more, or she has what she wants, but that what she has is what she wants. She is content now.

It can also represent a new stage of life… celebrating and being content with how one’s life is now unfolding in a new way.

When I read this interpretation from the cards, it felt very unusual. My mother is in her 80’s, how could she change now? She’s been angry, frustrated and demanding her whole life.

Result (Update on Mother)

A few days after I did this reading, I got a email from my mother. She wrote the entire family, telling us of her journey to this new facility. She also mentioned how she is giving up her grand piano and giving it to her oldest son!

I called her a few days later and talked to her on the phone. She was like a different person. Gone was the victimization, blame and anger. She was happy in her choices to let go of the piano and other things holding her back.

She sounded exactly like the Star and the 5 of Swords inverted.

She also seems poised to reach the 9 of Cups.

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