Reading: “How will Donald Trump’s Presidency End?”

In a three card spread, I asked how the presidency of Donald Trump would end. The result came up as the following three cards:

In a three card spread, the first card represents the PAST, the middle card THE PRESENT and the last card as the FUTURE.


The Queen of cups is an interesting card, given the subject of this reading. I didn’t really see Donald Trump as fitting the role of that card. But if we think about the card and what it represents as the past of the subject of the reading, we get something along the lines of emotion and connection with others via emotion.

…She connects with people on the emotional level, so people enjoy her honesty and fairness. – Labyrinthos

In 2016 the Trump campaign did reach people on an emotional level… the emotional level tended to be fear and anxiety over a variety of political issues. This is perhaps what’s represented here.


The Five of Pentacles indicates hardship. The classic depiction is of people who look in financial ruin, walking through a blizzard. It brings up a feeling of financial loss and hardship.

Regarding the subject of this reading, we can see that the investigations going on (regardless what side we take on the matter) have been a hardship on the presidency.

Whenever the Five of Pentacles shows up in a reading, it suggests a time of hardship and insecurity. The meaning of this card can be deep loneliness, illness, poverty or loss. Your status might take a turn for the worse in the near future. There is a chance that you will lose something significant, whether it is financial wealth or an important item. Deterioration of your health might be already ongoing or be very sudden.



The three of hearts is often thought in relationship questions. This question is about how the Donald Trump presidency will end. Thinking in those terms we get an idea of pain and harm being caused.

Could it be related to Donald Trump causing pain and suffering to others (i.e. immigration changes?) Or does it reference hardship, and heartbreak relating to himself?

In looking at the layout of the cards, I feel that this reading indicates directly to Donald Trump himself. That his presidency will end in hardship, and grief (for his staff and his presidency.)

…the three swords indicate the power to harm, cause pain, and create suffering to what it pierces. This is an image of grief, loss and literally heartbreak. – Labyrinthos

To verify this, we’ll have to wait. Come back at the end of 2019 and let’s see how this reading appears in its accuracy.

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