Migraines and Visions

Yesterday I had a migraine affecting me. When I looked beyond the pain, and just closed my eyes, I began to see many images and visions. These images I’ve had in deep mystical practices, but here without any spiritual effort I was getting them during the migraine.

I wonder if the migraine stimulates or opens some sort of gateway.

The Woman in the Mask

One vision I saw was an image of a woman, she appeared hispanic. She had a gun slung over her shoulder. Her shirt was shoulderless, and she had dark hair. She sat at a table, someone sat across from her. Next to them was a railing, I can recall the posts in the railing, were smoothed and rounded, made of wood. It was very clear. It was like they were in a conversation. The other was male. Both of them had surgical masks on. That was the oddity of it.

These surgical masks caught my eye. It was some sort of criminal activity, I imagined, perhaps the making of a drug(s)? I saw little more and without context I can’t explain the image.

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