Emptiness & Death

Last night I was working with Hekate. I sat in meditation. Once in my meditative state, I called upon Hekate and the guardians of the North to allow me into Hekate’s realm.

I stared upon the statue of Hekate that sat on upon my altar. In the candle light it was greatly illuminated. I stared eyes wide and the state began to shift. I had some music playing, and I began to see the statue flatten into a 2 dimensional state… then it began to warp… as though it was turning towards me, and it bent like someone slow dancing and twisting to the music. It was very fascinating.


Closing my eyes, I willed the Norther gate to open. The theater of my mind rendered out a scene. At first it was visual like a dream, where I was in the familiar forest and Hekate stood there asking what I wanted.

I told Hekate that I was looking for a teaching. She turned and pointed to a stream and asked me to follow it. Following it, the dream like visual disappeared.

The Casket

In place of the dream visual was the closed eye darkness…. but there in the darkness something formed in my mind. It was an old fashioned casket. As it opened, it was filled with darkness. Not just some shadows, but a darkness that was a force.

Hekate was there with me. She showed that even light entering the darkness, was absorbed. That what was within the casket was an energy of sorts.

She asked me to name it… “Darkness… Skotadi…. I said.”

The Temple

In time the visual vanished and I was left to contemplate it. Still not understanding the meaning I saw another visual of a temple. I was looking down on a temple space from above. I could see this grand design. At the front were steps that led down to a flattened area, which was the base of the temple space. At the far end was a temple with Roman or Greek style pillars.

I floated down to the stairs at the start of the temple space. As I landed upon them, I fell through, as though it was a hologram… as though I didn’t have the vibrational state to be there. My consciousness fell through into what felt like a dark ocean.

Circle of Four

I saw another visual – this time a circular platform. Upon the platform were four people, each opposite of each other. Each person was laying on their back, heads pointed towards the center of the circle. Each person was equal and opposite of each other.

As I watched the scene, this animated arc of golden energy flowed around the space, and connected at times to each of the four.

Back to Me

After the visuals, I returned back and closed the session. I’m still struggling with defining what just happened. What was the empty casket? Was it emptiness? It was a void of some sort… a void of power.

I recall thinking it was a force of creation. It pushes against the light, in order to manifest the myriad of things. Without this force, all would be ALL (Source.)

But why was the darkness in the casket? A casket is symbolic of death. Is there a meaning here of death and the void? At the outset one could say that death is a void… but that feels too simple. Is that the meaning?

What of the temple? I couldn’t stay in the temple… I fell through it. Is that a representation of the afterlife? Hekate’s realm? Was I not yet attuned enough to her energy to stay? What exactly was it?

The four upon the circle… what exactly was that? It looked like a ritual… and each was connecting to an energy source.

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