Dealing with Enemies

When I was in ceremonial orders, the idea of cursing or hexing an enemy was almost unheard of. It was reserved as part of the secret teachings, that only a few would adhere to.

Even in the Wicca traditions, you have the Wiccan Rede that warns that whatever is sent out, will return 3 fold. Yet, there are traditions that wish to engage in spiritual combat and warfare.

As our American society becomes more and more polarized and divided, this warnings on curse work become less restrained. More authors are throwing in the towel on a deeper spiritual understanding of the “enemy” and turning to harm and destroy the enemy.

Reincarnation & Karma

The following is a hard truth, and it rarely is one that is taught openly. I hesitate to teach it, because as for many it they will resist it. It’s such a hard truth to deal with.

Rather than tell how it is, I will ask you to investigate for yourselves. Dig deep, with an open mind.

First you must understand three concepts:

  • Karma
  • Emptiness
  • Reincarnation

Karma, is obviously the law of return of cause and effect. Each action has a reaction.

Emptiness is the lack of self-existence. That the things in our perception do not exist entirely from their own side. That is to say, that the objects around you, they feel “real” but they are projections of our karma. We have the karma to perceive them one way or another. There are seeds of karma that are held in the our mind, and in the object (or “other”) and as they ripen, a shared experience is created. The moment by moment change is rendered out by our ever ripening karmic seeds.

Reincarnation is the philosophy that life doesn’t end, or finalize until a breakthrough of the cyclic world occurs. Until that end, one returns again and again.


With the idea of Karma and Reincarnation in place, consider now an image of two people in conflict. Find a real image, something from news worthy sources. It might be the capture of a riot, or two people in a fight.. I recently saw an image of a man and an employee of a restaurant in a fist fight. Find such an image.

Without attaching to the emotions in the image, analyze it. Clear your mind and just accept the image as it is.

If you find your emotions are rising up to embrace one side of the image, let go of your emotions. Your emotions will cloud something deeper. Our limited scope emotions will tell us, “this person is wrong,” and in that state we won’t go deeper. I’m not suggesting that there isn’t a “wrong” in the image, but rather do not get caught up in the emotion of it. Detach.

In a detached state of mind I want you to now ponder emotionlessly each part of the image. Ask yourself, “karmically where did this person (one of the people in the image) come from?”

Dig deeper and ponder, “where will this person go karmically?” In other words, if they are hitting someone, what’s the karmic return? What if the return doesn’t come in this life… how could it perhaps manifest in another life?

Think about it deeply. Do not bet caught up in emotions. Just analyze. Then ask, “Where did this other person come from karmically?”

Also ponder how this person will appear in a future life if this situation continuously returns to them….


If you can rise above the many, you will find a truth that there is a central oneness at the heart of it all.

Enemies come and go and this teaching isn’t to tell you never to fight, or to always allow the enemy to harm. Not at all. But we must have balance. There must be a point of understanding that is deeper than the human experience.

If you curse the mechanic who knowingly scammed you… then where does that leave for your future? Will not the situation reverse? Where did the scam come from in the first place? You had to have karma for it to manifest, either in this lifetime or another.

Karma is not simply a fluffy concept that is here to make you feel good that the bad guy will get their punishment one day. It’s here to tell you that even the bad guy is our karma to witness them in our life. Find the source, change the situation and move on.

Sometimes we fight, knowing that our actions will return to us like we send them out… that’s self-sacrifice – but we must make such decisions wisely. Do not think that you can curse and hex without return.

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