Reference: Banishing

Banishing Basics

Not everyone does banishings, but many do. A Banishing Ritual is one in which the operator (you) clears the space of all energy. I’m going to outline a basic banishing ritual from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

I’ll offer up a reference to another banishing ritual for further investigation by the reader.


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is a modern method of clearing out a space. No physical structure, lines or drawings need be used.

While this may appear long at first glance, once memorized it can be done really quickly. It would be good to research this process as well.

Some will use a “air dagger,” wand or sword to do this. Honestly, you can use your index finger just fine.

You stand at the center of your space, facing EAST.

Visualizing a brilliant light above your head, you raise your right hand and pull the light to the third eye (space between the eyes and slightly below) chanting/vibrating outloud this word:


From the third eye, you pull the light down to your groin region and chant outloud (slow and steady):


Pulling your hand now to your right shoulder you chant:


Then pulling your hand to the left shoulder, chant:


Bringing your hands together in a sign of prayer at the chest, you chant:



The above is the opening and is also called the Kabbalistic Cross. The words above translate from Hebrew as “For thine be the Kingdom and the Glory, for Ever…. Amen,” which is a phrase from the Bible.

Now, walking to the eastern part of your room, you draw the Banishing form of the Pentagram. What I mean by the “banishing form” is that in Western Occult organizations like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and Aurum Solis, there are energies assigned to each point of the five pointed star.

Pentagram Basics

The five pointed star, or Pentagram, is visualized upright (one point up, two points down.) There’s nothing sinister with this symbol. Sadly media and movies have demonized the symbol to death. However, the pentagram simply represents various elements. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Pentagram is also used to symbolize elemental energies. The Chinese Medicine formula is different than the western one, and as I know little of the Chinese formula, I’ll stick to explaining this from a Western occult point of view.

The top point of the Pentagram represents Spirit. The top right point of the Pentagram represents the element of Water. The bottom right point represents Fire. The bottom left point represents the energies of Earth and the top left point of the Pentagram represents the energies of Air.

Although I told you where the energies align on a Pentagram, Aurum Solis places them slightly differently. If you follow their teachings, you would swap Air and Water. Most occult groups however use the Golden Dawn method, which was described above.

Pentagram Formula

The place you start on the pentagram (to draw it in the air) and the direction you move, determines if you are invoking or banishing that energy.

Drawing towards an energy invokes it, while banishing the other. So if you started at the top point of a Pentagram, and drew down to the bottom left – you would be starting an invocation of Earth energy.

In this instance, we are talking about banishing. To banish general energies in a space, one starts form the Earth point on the Pentagram and draws up to Spirit, down to the bottom right, over to the upper left, across to the right, and back down to the bottom left again.

Drawing a Pentagram in that shape, in that way, clears out all energies of the earth plane… But that’s not the bulk of it, this is just the beginning. This pentagram will be drawn the same way in each direction.


The directions (East, South, West, North) correlate to energies as well. Usually we start in the east and walk clockwise: East, then South, then West and North.

From the Golden Dawn tradition the Eastward direction is that of Air.

The South direction is that of Fire.

The West direction is that of Water.

The North direction is that of Earth.

Putting it all Together

Now that you know where to start, the corresponding energies to the directions and how to draw a banishing pentagram, lets begin:

Walking to the East you draw in the air (visualizing a light or electric blue light) a banishing pentagram (starting from the bottom left point, drawing up to the top point, down to the right bottom, over to the top left and across to the right and connecting back down to the bottom left.)

Once done, you chant/vibrate out loud:


Press into the center of the visualized Pentagram that you drew in the air before you, and imagine you are dragging that center point of light in an arc, as you move to the South.

In the west you draw the same banishing pentagram (as you just did in the East) but when you finish you chant/vibrate out loud:


Again, pressing the center of this pentagram, you drag the light in an arc to the West and there you draw the same banishing pentagram. When done you chant/vibrate out loud:


Pressing the center of the pentagram again, you drag the light to continue the arc to the North. There again we draw the banishing pentagram and when done we chant/vibrate:


Pressing the center of this pentagram, we drag the point of light and connect it to the center of our starting pentagram in the east (connecting to its center point.)

Turning clockwise, move to the center of the room, facing EAST.

Now you will state and visualize the following beings:

BEFORE ME: RAPHAEL [Visualize an angle before you, very tall, as tall as the room you’re in. It has its back to you (facing eastwards.) Air whips the angels garments and no one will dare violate the East as long as this being is there protecting it.]

BEHIND ME: GABRIEL [Visualize an angel as tall as the room, might in power of the realms of water. There back is towards you, as they face Westwards.]

UPON MY RIGHT: MICHAEL (Pronounced Mi-Kie-El) [Visualize a red hued glow from the right, as an angel stands with his back to you, facing Southward. It holds a flaming sword, ready to fight any who would mess with the Southern quadrant.]

UPON MY LEFT: AURIEL (sometimes pronounced URIEL) [Visualize another tall angel facing away from you, towards the North. This one blocks any unwanted energies from the North.]


At the last statement you close with the same Kabbalistic Cross that you opened with.

Visualizing The Circle of Light

In some cultures the protective circle is created with love and devotion. They pull up a feeling of deep love for something or someone and then radiate it outwards filling the space around them as a sphere of white light.

Visualizing a Pyramid of Light

In the teachings of the Higher Balance Institute, E. Pepin raises the idea of visualizing a pyramid of light surrounding you for protection. This is covered in his work Igniting the Sixth Sense within chapter 4 (“High Guard: The Art of Energy Defense.”)


The offering of incense and smudging is sometimes used to banish as well. Rose and Frankincense incense are common to a clear calm operation… the are also used in invoking/evoking positive energies.

I have little knowledge of smudging, but it is a technique of various orders and groups. It involves the burning of a specific herb that clears the area of unwanted energies.

Salt or Saltwater

Some use salt or saltwater to clear the area. This can be time consuming, and should probably be used when you are trying to rid a presence or energy from a home, rather than a daily ritual.

Salt was also used as the original circle inscription…. trailing salt in the shape of a circle around the magickian.

Prayer and Chants

The use of prayers and chants should not be understated. In the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage (which Aleister Crowley was fascinated with) the entire magick operation was done by cleansing with steadfast prayer.

Abramelin prayed. He dedicated his life and each day for a period of time he prayed and rejoiced in his faith.

Hinduism and Buddhism also use Mantras to help clear the area as well as clearing the mind.