Altar of Hekate

Attached is an image of my altar setup for Hekate. The two candles are colored in silver and gold. The reason behind the candle colors was due to a vision I had. Before getting to the vision of the candlesticks, I should point out that I believe the altar is personal between the aspirant and the goddess or god they supplicate. Some may make use of other imagery for Hekate – perhaps bones or symbols representing her path. For me, I don’t feel that pull, I kept the altar basic.

My altar of Hekate setup

Regarding the choice of candles: it was one night, while readying for sleep I willed my astral / mental self into my meditation chamber. There in my chamber I saw a my altar but it was different. Upon the altar were two candlesticks. One was Gold and one was Silver.

In the moment I didn’t consider any meaning behind it. Later I supposed that they represented Sun and Moon.

An Alternate Setup

If one works with the magick concept of “Flashing” colors and Astral Inversion, you could use black and dark purple candlesticks. In this view, the physical colors would invert to the astral coloring of Silver and Gold.

The Cube

In front the statue of Hekate is a cube. In this case it’s a Siddhis Cube, which are quite expensive and sold under a psychic based organization. I’m not going to do marketing on their behalf. If you are interested in such a device, seek it out.

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